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Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Customized for Your Needs

Wise Pharmacy recognizes the many benefits nutritional supplements can provide when used properly.

Millions of people regularly take vitamins and minerals to supplement their diets. Sometimes their diets lack certain nutrients, or not enough of them. In other instances, a dysfunction in the body prevents the nutrients from being absorbed properly. In cases like these, supplemental vitamins and minerals can be very useful in maintaining proper nutritional balance.

We Carry A Large Line Of Metagenics Supplements

To view a full list of what we offer, please visit www.wiserx.meta-ehealth.com for a full list of supplements.

Nutritional Supplements Work Best when Used Properly

However, Wise Pharmacy believes that you should treat your intake of vitamins and minerals with the same caution as you would your prescription medications. This includes:

  • Taking only necessary supplements
  • Making your practitioner aware of the supplements you take
  • Being aware of reactions between supplements and prescription meds
  • Being aware of possible reactions between supplements
  • Taking the proper amount of each supplement

Wise Pharmacy Compounding Pharmacy: Consultation and Personal Service

Much of this knowledge can come from a thorough assessment of your nutritional needs.

Your Wise Pharmacy compounding pharmacist and pharmacy technicians can help you analyze your nutritional needs based on many factors. They can help you study your diet and make recommendations on ways to improve your eating habits.

Then, using only fresh, high-quality ingredients, Wise Pharmacy custom compounds the optimal selection of vitamins and minerals in just the right dosage and format for your needs.

Wise Pharmacy: Helping You Supplement the Smart Way

Nutritional supplements can help you fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet. However, they will work best when you take the proper supplement, and the proper dosage. Contact Wise Pharmacy compounding pharmacy to start your journey to proper nutritional balance!

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The Cold, Hard Facts About Omega–3 Essential Fatty Acids

Over 19,000 scientific articles examine the benefits of omega–3 fatty acids. For more than 20 years, researchers have conducted studies with over 10,000 people to see how omega–3s—namely eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)—may help maintain health and prevent disease. And it really all began in the early 1970s when Danish researchers went to Greenland to discover how an Eskimo tribe eating a high fat/choleterol diet could still be so much healthier heartwise than those consuming a Western diet. The difference was healthy omega–3s from seafood. This also may explain why Japan and Iceland—where more marine fatty acids are consumed—enjoy extended health as well.

EPA/DHA consumption may be the key for healthy aging. The strongest evidence for EPA/DHA intake is for supporting heart health and reducing risk of serious cardiac events—and is recommended by the American Heart Association. EPA and DHA also have anti-inflammatory effects and may be suggested as adjunctive therapies for autoimmune disorders like inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis (to relieve joint stiffness/tenderness). These omega–3s have also demonstrated benefits in helping reduce age-related macular degeneration and dementia to promote healthy aging. And preliminary studies have shown promise in supporting a postive mood.

How much EPA/DHA is right for you? Depending on your health goals, concentrated doses of EPA and/or DHA may be recommended. And here, perhaps more than anywhere else, is where supplement quality really counts due to public warnings about consuming polluted marine life.

We can help you find the right EPA/DHA supplement for your needs. Please contact the office today to set up an appointment.