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December’s Newsletter

Timely Relief for Heartburn

Year-end celebrations may lead to minor gastric discomforts. In fact, all year long an estimated 25% of people in western countries suffer from a variety of digestive symptoms including occasional indigestion or heartburn, mild nausea, upset stomach, bloating, belching, and burping. But many year-end gatherings and pressures can increase factors that can add to underlying digestive distress: spicy foods, larger portions, increased stress from work or family, reduced exercise, and eating less healthy choices.

Don’t settle for temporary relief of recurring symptoms. Many common “bandage” approaches for temporary relief fail to address the underlying cause of many common digestive symptoms. Over time, these approaches can also contribute to offsetting a healthy balance of stomach acid or gastrointestinal microflora that can lead to additional symptoms later. They can also drain your wallet.

A different approach for lasting relief. A natural zinc-carnosine complex has shown promise for digestive relief in over 20 published journal articles, including 6 clinical studies. With daily use, it addresses the underlying concerns related to functional gastric complaints by promoting the health of the stomach lining to provide sustained relief without suppressing stomach acid or interfering with digestion. In a matter of weeks, it has been shown to provide significant, sustained relief of common digestive complaints.

Get timely relief. Make an appointment to discuss your digestive=oncerns and learn about simple steps you can take to find more satisfying relief.

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